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What is a Drone?

Drones or UAV’s (unmanned Air Vehicles) are image capturing aircraft that catch unique perspectives, not normally available through any other means.  The aircraft is small and light being controlled by a ground based pilot using a hand held remote control. The drone can be guided through intricate flight patterns whilst watching in real time the recording & filming perspectives.

Drone Wedding Photography – A unique role within the Wedding Day

Technology and the easy accessibility of drones have seen a rise in people offering aerial photography and videography.  This years latest ‘in thing’ doesn’t automatically mean that it’s a good thing.

Simply knowing how to fly and use a drone to gain great footage, is not good enough.   Within our natural style and way of documenting weddings, a drone would be a distraction as they do create noise.  Like any piece of machinery, the skill is knowing when and how to use it, without overkill and to the detriment of the experience of wedding guests.   A Drone or UAV is simply a tool to have in the kit bag, to be called upon, when and if the situation dictates.

All the equipment within my kit bag was chosen according to it’s quality, ease of use, responsiveness and most importantly –  subtlety.  As you can imagine flying a drone, no matter how quiet the machine is, draws attention from bystanders.  Within the wedding day context, it’s something I would choose to use for scene setting cinematic shots (prior to any guests arrival).  Cocktail hour could be another opportunity when guests are milling around chatting or playing lawn games.  The later being when noise is less noticeable and not to the detriment of anyones experience.  

Drone Wedding Videography – is the expense worth it?

Thats something for you to decide, but why not look at things this way.  If you are hiring a venue prized for it’s grandeur and setting, aerial photography & videography will certainly capture this to the maximum effect.  The imagery will be epically cinematic.  This footage will be even more precious, having been captured upon your wedding day.  The scene setting aerial videography sets the context for the ground based photography, videography and story telling that follows.

Drone Wedding Videography & Photography

Our Drone Wedding Photography & Videography service, is not available as a stand alone item.  Each drone pilot has to be licensed, after passing a competence test and exam.  I am the Lead photographer, along with being the CAA license holder.  Drone Wedding Videography & Drone Wedding Photography can be included as a bolt on extra to one of our Lead Photographer Collections.

Things to consider when hiring a Drone pilot

  1. To get that epic cinematic shot, it takes time and planning.  Make sure there is enough time left within your timeline for the drone pilot to explore the location and get the best footage.
  2. Drones cannot fly in bad weather.  Should it be raining or the wind too high the drone will remain grounded.  Safety is paramount, so no chances will be taken with equipment and guests.  The drone pilots decision will be final.  Drones should only be used on calm, clear days.
  3. Some venues are not drone-friendly.  Whether it be the nature of the environment with too many overhead cables, trees or within National Parkland (where drones are not permitted).  Some venues just dont want Drones operating, so it’s best to check with the venue before hiring a pilot.
  4. To hire a Drone Pilot here in the UK, the pilot must be insured and have permission from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).  We have all our training and paperwork up to date and can supply clients or venues, should this be needed.
  5. The possibilities to create stunning cinematic footage are endless.  Careful planning to capture your venue, spectacular views, and even epic sunsets will look amazing with a more powerful sense of scale delivered through aerial videography & photography.

If you are seriously thinking that your wedding day will benefit from Drone Wedding Videography and Photography, do drop us a line on our contact page.

To see more examples of our work, take a look at out Fusion Film page to see our wedding stories or visit our sister site 400 Feet Films, to see some of the cinematic footage shot at some stunning venues.

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