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Upton Barn Indian Wedding Photography showing portrait of Bride & Groom shot through statue of a deer

Ruth & Dhaval Upton Barn Indian Wedding Photography

Our visit to a secluded, stunning Devon venue saw us capture Ruth & Dhaval’s Upton Barn Indian wedding photography.

It almost goes without saying, that Indian weddings are all about performance. Indian wedding celebrations prioritise tradition but also include performance, humour, and fun.

Ruth and Dhaval’s day was one of those days that took these elements and absolutely ran away with them.

During their Hindu wedding ceremony, most guests observed the priests’ rituals. Games were also played by energetic family and friends. Footwear not being permitted in the Mandap often leads to guests stealing and hiding the groom’s shoes. At the end of the ceremony, a cash demand is made for their return.

Today’s game became an international rugby clash. Guests chased, passed, and tackled each other in the ceremony area and corridors.

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Upton Barn Indian wedding

Our day began with meeting up at a nearby property for the groom’s (Dhaval’s) preparations.
Close family and friends made final adjustments to their Indian dress.

Dhol drummers arrived to warm up for their performance. As the time approached, everyone left the rooms and gathered outside the nearby venue. The drummers struck up and the party began!

(Ruth and her family were getting prepared elsewhere…I’d imagine it’s a little quieter :-).

Like all good things in life, it’s all about making an entrance and pacing yourself!)

The grooms entrance to Upton Barn was full of jubilant noise and action. Cars arrived with blaring music and honking horns. Everyone was out. Firecrackers and Roman candles signaled the start to the main event.

Will and I are trying to find the balance between creativity and safety while taking the shot.

While Will was keeping a discerning eye on the groom’s party, along with the pre ceremony mandap blessing – I joined Ruth and her party in making their final preparations.

The bridal party followed tradition. They emerged from the main building to approach the groom. The groom, his family & friends were waiting for them.

The bride and groom were lifted to exchange garlands after closing the distance. First, the groom will catch his bride by throwing the garland over her head, and then, in turn, Ruth will do the same. It was not an easy thing to do when the crowd carrying them was anything but static!

Some great images came from this moment, setting the scene for similar antics later.

Our first visit to this venue and Upton Barn Indian Wedding photography was getting off to a flying start!

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Upton Barn Indian wedding photography

Ruth & Dhaval’s wedding was a day bathed in sunshine.

It was almost too hot at times, but the energy of all in attendance kept the momentum flowing through the day.

The bride and groom, both creative, added personal touches to their wedding details. The ‘Cake Architect’ created a wedding cake with two intertwined peacocks. Dhaval made a hand-carved cake plinth. Place settings are beautifully inscribed. Wedding favors are individually grown succulent plants.

Evening entertainment included storytelling, dance, and music. It really was a highly personal reflection of the couple, their loves and interests. This was a wonderful introduction to our Upton Barn Indian wedding photography.

Thanks for asking us to capture the day. What a celebration, packed with energy, connection & fun by the bucket load!

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